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February, 8, 2006 AT 12:13 PM

Hi, Recently, my 2001 ford ZX2, 70,000 miles, 100% stock, has had a problem with the headlights - It will flicker and my entire set of headlights, dash lights, and even A/C area lights will go out, but if you jiggle the healight/washer stick a little, everything comes back on - However, it only does this when I go from brights to my normal lights, but not from normal to high beams. When it does it, there is usually no warning, so we could go around a corner and crash, or get screwed by a cop. So as you can imagine, I need to fix this! Wiring is NOT my forte, so would anyone have any ideas?

Much Appreciated! Thanks!


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February, 8, 2006 AT 7:03 PM

Either the head light switch or the multi function switch is shorting out.



February, 10, 2006 AT 11:05 AM

Hmmm. Might there be a way to figure out which it might be? Also, Is there a way to fix it at home? Or will I have to get it professionally done? I've heard this sort of problem costs BIG $$$$$!

UPDATE - The problem is now MUCH worse, I only have headlights if I hold the light switch back in the Bright position. I need a solution soon! Thanks for all your help everyone, especially chevy350guy

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