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March, 15, 2006 AT 1:34 AM


I wanted know if it is better to get engine restored or just get a new one. I plan to restore a couple classic mustangs and sell them. I am using quality accessories. I am willing to pay the money if it is better to get the block refurbished or get a new one. What doyou guys think.


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March, 15, 2006 AT 5:36 AM

Restored motor. I restore old mustangs and I found it better to use resbuilt motors, couse you will know everything does work and you come out alot cheaper. Buying a new one ahhh. You will never know how it will turn out.



March, 15, 2006 AT 7:58 PM

My feeling on that is you need to figure out your time in rebuilding one your man hours all the clean up of parts micing the block, the crank most machine shops want from 20.00to 30.00 bucks a hole just to bore one and it is extra to boil one and it is extra to have the cam bearings driven in so right there you are looking at several hundered buck in machine work and the worry did the guy do it right. It would be cheaper if you got a short block had your heads redone and a lot less stress on you puting it back together and it would give you more time to enjoy the car. Just my opion ( NOS )



March, 15, 2006 AT 10:29 PM

I am gonna get them rebuilt since I have had 3 engines rebuilt from this one shop my dad used when he restored his muscle cars. I am looking at it from a business point of view so I want to keep costs down and profits up.

I just read that a rebuilt engine will only last for 1/2 the life time of a new one. A complete stock rebuil goes for about 650. A performance buil will go for 941 and includes, brass guides, bigger camshaft, and double timming belt.

My new questions are

What kind of pistons should I get?. I've heard shorter and I've heard longer. Shorter doesn't really make sense to me.

And shuld I get bigger valves?
To get more air and gas in and more exhaust out.

Should the motor's rpm be higher?

Thanks everyone for the help. Here is a link of the 3 mustangs I've rebuilt. Just need new paint now. Let me know what you think.

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