1994 Ford Mustang


1994 Ford Mustang 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 180000 miles

how can I remove the ignition lock. I have a new one but cant find the release for the old one

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Saturday, August 28th, 2010 AT 1:04 PM

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To prevent accidental air bag deployment, disconnect the negative battery cable, then the positive battery cable to allow residual energy in the air bag system to drain.
Remove the steering column shroud(s).
Insert the key into the ignition switch, then rotate the ignition key lock cylinder to the RUN position.
Place a 1 / 8 in. (3mm) diameter wire pin or small drift punch in the hole in the casting surrounding the lock cylinder, and depress the retaining pin while pulling out on the lock cylinder to remove it from the column housing.

To install:

Turn the lock cylinder to the RUN position and depress the retaining pin. Insert the lock cylinder into its housing in the lock cylinder casting.
Make sure that the cylinder is fully seated and aligned in the interlocking washer before turning the key to the OFF position. This action will permit the cylinder retaining pin to extend into the hole in the lock cylinder housing.
Using the ignition key, rotate the cylinder to ensure correct mechanical operation in all positions.
Connect the positive, then the negative battery cables and check for proper operation in P or N. Also make sure that the start circuit cannot be actuated in D or R positions and that the column is locked in the LOCK position.
Install the trim shrouds.

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