Ford Focus


sean n kim

August, 3, 2006 AT 3:58 PM

We have a 2003 Ford Focus SE and I have been recently informed I need to fix the strut mounts. I am curious if a car so fairly new usually requires this type of repair and if it is a common problem with most cars. We just turned over to 80,000km's. Also what are the repercussions if the repair is not done immediately. Thanks for any advice.


1 Answer



August, 3, 2006 AT 9:56 PM

Does the Focus have struts all-around? I'm not too familiar with the car, strut mounts, also known as bearing plates, basically control the upper shaft of the strut as it moves around, they do wear out, usually recommended to replace them when the struts, if ever needed, are done. Usually they'll start rattling over bumps and such, that seems like pretty low mileage for them to be needing replacement, actually I've never replaced struts or plates on any of my Taurus's, 67k to 187k miles.

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