2002 Ford Focus



January, 14, 2009 AT 8:20 PM

Air Conditioning problem
2002 Ford Focus 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 68,000 miles

My car has had to instances when I found that the carpet on the passenger side (in the front and back) were completely soaked. The same symptoms occurred both times and the water was only on one side of the car. I don't think its a leak from the window since its rained many time since and the carpet has not gotten wet.
Someone told me that it is probably a leaky AC unit which they would have to replace. How much would something cost to ask--estimate would be fine?Also would it be cheaper to go someplace other than the Ford dealership to do the repair (if indeed it is costly)?


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January, 15, 2009 AT 12:50 PM

Well, It can't be too many things: either your heater core (or the hoses) is leaking bad, or your AC evaporator (or hoses/connection) is leaking.
If it's the heater core, your car will start overheating when the level of coolant gets too low.
If it's your evaporator, your compressor may not engage if the level of refrigerant gets too low.

Check your level of coolant in the tank; if it's low, the heater core is probably your problem.

Both jobs are expensive.

Check this website for quotes: www. Repairpal. Com

Also, it will be probably cheaper to have it fixed somewhere else than a Ford dealership. Ask around you to your friends/co-workers, etc for a good mechanic. Independant shops can be very good, but some are just crooks.

Good luck.

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