2005 Ford F-250


September, 23, 2010 AT 8:11 PM

Electrical problem
2005 Ford F-250 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 135668 miles

On startup dash show TBC Fault. When mileage reset is depressed fault clears and mileage shows. In the past on rough roads the dispplay has gone blank When brake contol adjust iswitch s depressed either the mileage displays or fault again will again show on dash. Having a trailer conneted has no effect on the display. Will replacing the module correct the problem or could there be another issue?


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September, 24, 2010 AT 10:50 AM

The brake control may be the problem but something bothers me is that you say oin rough roads the display goes blank when you use the brake control. The way I am looking at it is 1. There is a loose wire, Mayb be a ground 2. The brake module is bad. 3. A supply wire is grounding out when you hit the brake. Try first is take the fuse out when you are not pulling a trailer and see if it still happens. Check the wiring to make sure everything is correct. What I am wondering is that the trailer brake module should not have any effect on your display unless there is a dead short someplace.



September, 27, 2010 AT 10:04 AM

If it shows tbc fault on your dash that means you have a built in brake controller in the truck. That is not the problem. Check the wiring at the back of the truck in the plug in they will corrode to cross terminals and rocks can smash the back on them apart.

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