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1986 Ford F250 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 210000 miles

on my ford f-250 I have no keys and I need to replace the ignition locking switch. How can I take out the exsisting switch with no keys?

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You generally need to get the key barrel into the "ON" position. You may be able to do this by removing switch from back of lock assembly and using pliers to turn the lock to ON. If it's worn sometimes you can ? If not you are going to have to drill out old lock so you can turn to ON. Then follow rest of steps. Be very careful when hammering/drilling around column. See caution.

Ignition switches are typically steering column mounted, and are actuated by ignition key locking cylinders.
CAUTION:Lock plate is held by high spring pressure. Do not remove snap ring without using compressor tool. If steering shaft has American threads, use Compressor Tool (J-23653); if shaft has metric threads use Metric Forcing Screw (J-23653-4).

Ford vehicles require lowering of the steering column before servicing the ignition switch or lock cylinder.
****CAUTION:Some steering columns are collapsible. Special care must be taken to avoid bumping, jolting or hammering on steering shaft and gearshift tube of these columns.****

Fig. 1: Typical Column Type Ignition Switch Lock Cylinder Removal On most vehicles, push in to release lock retainer.
Removal (Aerostar)
Turn ignition to "LOCK" position. Disconnect battery negative cable. Remove steering wheel. See appropriate article in STEERING section.
On models equipped with tilt steering, remove upper extension shroud by squeezing shroud at 6 and 12 o'clock positions, and pulling shroud free of retaining plate at 3 o'clock position.
On all models, remove steering column right side cover panel by removing 2 screws at bottom of panel. Remove upper column shroud (center column shroud on tilt column) by removing 4 screws at bottom of shroud.
Swing bottom panel of shroud open and remove 2 screws attaching shroud to retaining plate. Remove lock cylinder. Remove lower column shroud by raising left side of shroud up until turn signal switch window is above turn signal switch cut-out.
Raise right side of shroud until lock cylinder window clears cylinder housing. Slowly pull shroud from column. Disconnect ignition switch electrical connector.
Remove shear-type bolts attaching switch to lock cylinder housing by using a hammer and chisel to turn bolts 1 turn outward. Use pliers to grab and remove bolt from hole. Disengage ignition switch from actuator pin.
Align holes in base of switch casting with holes in lock cylinder housing. Turn ignition switch to "RUN" position and insert switch into switch carrier.
NOTE:It may be necessary to turn lock cylinder slightly to align actuator pin with "U" shaped slot in switch carrier.

Install, and tighten new shear bolts until bolt heads break off. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Rotate switch slightly during installation to align switch in cylinder.
Check switch functions. Verify that column is locked when switch is in "LOCK" position. See Fig. 2.
Fig. 2: Aerostar Upper Steering Column
Removal (Bronco II & Ranger)
Disconnect battery negative cable. Remove trim shroud. Remove electrical connector from key warning switch. Turn ignition switch to "RUN" position.
Place a 1/8" diameter pin in the hole located in outer edge of lock cylinder housing. Depress retaining pin, and pull out lock cylinder.
Lubricate cylinder cavity with Ford lock cylinder lubricant. Turn ignition switch to "RUN" position. Depress retaining pin and insert it into lock cylinder housing.
Make sure cylinder is fully seated and aligned into interlocking washer before turning key to "OFF" position. Use key to rotate cylinder to make sure correct mechanical operation in all positions.
Install electrical connector into key warning switch. Connect battery negative cable. Check ignition switch functions and verify that column is locked in "LOCK" position.
****Removal (All Other Models)****
Disconnect battery ground. On non-tilt column vehicles, remove steering wheel and trim pad. On models with A/T, place gearshift in "PARK" position (any position on vehicles with M/T). Insert key and turn cylinder to "ON" position.
Insert a 1/8" diameter pin in hole on outside of steering column casting near hazard warning button on tilt models. Insert pin in hole near base of lock cylinder on non-tilt models. On all models, depress pin and pull out on lock cylinder to remove.
Lubricate lock cylinder with grease. Turn lock cylinder to "ON" position. Depress retaining pin and insert cylinder into housing. Make sure that cylinder is fully seated and aligned with interlocking washer. Turn key, and check operation of lock cylinder.
Removal (Bronco II & Ranger)
Rotate lock cylinder key to "LOCK" position. Disconnect battery ground. On tilt columns, remove upper extension shroud by squeezing at the 6 and 10 o'clock positions and popping free of the retaining plate at the 3 o'clock position.
Remove 2 shroud halves by removing the 2 attaching screws. On all models, disconnect electrical connector from ignition switch. Drill out the 2 break-off head bolts holding the ignition switch to lock cylinder with a 1/8" drill bit.
Using a screw extractor, remove bolts. Disengage ignition switch from actuator pin and remove switch.
Rotate ignition key to the "RUN" position. Install switch by aligning the holes on switch casting base with the holes in the lock cylinder housing. Minor movement of the lock cylinder to align the actuator pin with slot in switch carrier may be required.
Install the new break-off head bolts and tighten until heads shear off. Connect the electrical connector to the ignition switch. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure.
Removal (All Other Models)
Disconnect battery ground. Remove steering column shroud and lower column. Disconnect switch wiring at multiple plug. Remove nuts securing switch to steering column. Lift switch vertically to disengage actuator, and remove switch.
With lock cylinder and switch in "LOCK" position, engage actuator rod in switch. Position switch on column and install retaining nuts, but do not tighten. Move switch up and down along column to locate mid-position of rod lash, and tighten retaining nuts

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