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I have a 2002 F-150 4x4 Off Road Supercrew Lariat. Last winter I was not able to start my truck. After waiting for a few hours (and temps. To rise) I was able to start it and had no problems until the Spring. My heating fan would run even though the truck was shut off and some of my dash lights would stay on also. My truck was jump started and I drove it to my local repair shop where it was determined that I needed a new battery, connectors and my temperature control unit was malfunctioning. After that was “fixed” I started having other problems. My heater/AC fan would come on again every now and then, my radio would be on, but once I was in drive all sound would cut out, my interior lights would stay on and sometimes my radio would not shut off after I would exit the car. I promptly took it back to the repair garage, but like a little kid, it would not act up around them. I brought the truck back home and around a week later my “Service Engine” light was on steady along with my oil/temp light and my odometer was dashed out. When I tried to start my truck it started and quickly died. My odometer would show the mileage until I shut the truck off where all of the previous problems would start again. It was determined that my instrument cluster had gone bad. I got a new one from Ford. I had to have my security system codes cleared out and I also had the cruse control wiring recall fixed. After all of this I tried my truck this morning and the truck will not start and my “Service Engine” light, oil light, 4x4 low lights are on and my odometer is blanked out until I attempt to start the truck.

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Saturday, June 24th, 2006 AT 6:39 AM

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Best suggestion is to go to the store and pick up a code scanner there only about $50 and can save a lot of hassle in diagnosing electrical issues. Whenever the check engine light is on the computer reports an error code and the scanner will read it. Once you get the code come back and post it and we can help diagnose it more for you. Good luck :)

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Saturday, June 24th, 2006 AT 6:49 AM

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