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January, 19, 2007 AT 11:07 AM

I have a F150 1995 4.9L and I go through more gas than I don't know what. I mean like I might be getting 15 or a little more per gallon. Any ideas?


Wiring Issue?


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January, 19, 2007 AT 9:01 PM

The ford 4.9L engines are nomally pretty good on gas. For a truck. : Roll: Does the truck have a manual or an auto transmission. The manuals generally get better gas mileage. Do you use the truck to constantly haul heavy loads, pull trailers? What type of driving do you do? Mostly city or highway? What gear ratio does the truck's rear end have? Is the engine worn out. Maybe a past owner abused the truck. Many miles on it? Have you had any major problems with it in the past? Has it ever failed an emissions test?

I'm sorry. You're probably wondering about the deluge of questions. These are all things that will have an effect on fuel economy. Though with the best possible scenerio, I would imagine you would only get, at the very most, 22 miles to a gallon on the highway.



January, 20, 2007 AT 7:00 PM

Ok. #1 I'm sorry I should have said it is auto tranny. #2 I don't ever haul anything with it even though I think it is equipped to. #3 I do a lot of town driving and sometimes highway. #4 you lost me on the gear ratio thing. How would I figure that out? Like where would I look on the rear of my truck for that? #5 I am not sure about the engine, but I know the couple that had it before and I don't think they beat it up. It has 113,000 miles. #6 It has never had an emissons test because only 96 and up need it for inspection and no major probs with it just minor things like now only one of my windshield washer sprays work and one time when I had first bought it I had to replace the starter and that was a nightmare. #7 It just seems that lately I have been going through a lot more gas than I have in the past. No sweat about the questions that is the only way we figure things out. I answered them to the best of my ability and I hope it helped you.



January, 21, 2007 AT 5:30 PM

Hmmm. It sounds like your truck is in pretty good condition. Is/does the check engine light come on or flash? 1996 and newer models have the OBDII emissions onboard diagnostic system that will not only tell you if something emission related has failed, but also if something is wearing out. Since you haven't had emissions tested, there could be a posibility that something has happened and you don't know about it. If your check engine light is on, (or even if it's not) have the truck tested. Maybe you're operating outside some parameter.

The F150 displayed in my picture is a couple years older than yours, but it also has the 4.9L engine mated with a manual tranny. I tend to baby it, but it will only get max 19 or 20 on the highway. It's somewhat worn out at 148,000 miles.



January, 22, 2007 AT 10:26 AM

Ive got an 82 f150 (manual) and the best gas milage ive EVER gotten was 15 and that was when I was goin 55 the WHOLE way. Ive already replaced my spark plugs, distributor and rotor. I think that it might be plug wires.

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