F150 PCM?

1997 Ford F-150



March, 13, 2009 AT 10:45 PM

Computer problem
1997 Ford F150 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 210000 miles

had a plug blow out fixed it, then engine just turned over and no fire and no fuel, checked fuses, relays and then pcm after no codes reading at all, and still same after replacing pcm, what else is left should I try, is it possible have wrong pcm. The one I took out was reman and numbers not ford number but did call ford w vin number and give me 2 number and one of those was for cali ems, is there anyway to find out correct pcm with out orignal pcm,
this is 4.6 triton v8 romeo, dual ohc, coilpacks,
had problems getting parts, not listed w dual ohc
dont know if its a rare motor, fathers had truck since new and well maintained

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March, 15, 2009 AT 10:49 AM

U have to check to c if u have fuel and spark first. Without 1 or the other it wont start. Put some carb or brake cleaner or starting fluid in throttle body. To check for fuel delivery if it starts u know its a fuel related problem. Pull a wire from two plugs, one at a time from each coil pak @ the plug itself and see if you r getting a nice blue spark. Then you will know if u r getting spark. Chances r it is one or the other. Or a fuse but u check all of them correct? Under hood and under dash?



March, 26, 2009 AT 2:24 PM

I have the same problem in my f150 but in my case I keep blowing the PCM Power fuse #24 under the hood. Cant figure out what is blowing it. Any help?



March, 27, 2009 AT 9:37 PM

Check ground wire starting at battery, mainly grounds on firewall, to the left of the block fuse block, behind black cover on left side , just to left there are three small wires grounded together one bolt into firewal, l the one on back is apparently to ground pcm not sure, thats what mine was doing blowing fuses after I replaced pcm, thats why I started checking wires,
seems like logic goes out window when it come to pcm
i had 2 93 cougar at same time decide not to start, mechanic friend said pcm, well replaced on one n wasnt it, week later my grandfather said take relay out n turn key on for few minutes then off, put relay back in and started right up, now why 2 car would do that exactly at same time has me, thought some one has done something to them but if they did id like to know how,
just have to start from battery and work out checking for corrision loose or broke wires, inline fuses, and books wont tell you where to look either, id start with ground then hot wire.

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