Front End Shakes When Braking to Stop


When braking to stop my 94 Ford Explorer, what could cause the front end to shake so bad to the point where it feels as if it's in a sense going to fall off? Also, other than the oil being low, what could cause the lifter noise? Whatever your possible diagnosis is for my Ford Explorer problems, can you give me a possible estimate as to how much these repairs are going to be? I understand it will vary as to the location of where I take my vehicle, etc, but I'd just like to have a rough park estimate if possible, so I know what to expect. Thanks so much for your time.

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Monday, November 13th, 2006 AT 6:24 PM

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Well for starters your front brake rotors are probably warped (Rotors are what your brake pads stop on) and causing the shaking and should be checked by a brake specialist who will put them on a lathe and check for warps, the price will vary pending if you take the rotors off yourself or let them take your brakes apart, if you take the rotors off and bring them to the brake shop it should be under 50 bucks, as for your lifter noise, you should always keep your oil level topped up, but it is probably a lifter that needs to be replaced and should cost at least a couple hundred bucks for sure. Also a manifold or header that is loose or warped can cause an exhaust leak between the manifold and block sounding quite familar to a noisy lifter tick. Good Luck

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Tuesday, November 14th, 2006 AT 12:56 AM

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