2002 Ford Explorer



February, 6, 2010 AT 12:14 PM

Tires and Wheels problem
2002 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic

Hi. I just bought this car about 4 days ago, while test driving it, the wheel was shaking just a little, so we replaced the front right tire. Corrected the problem. While driving home I noticed at about 60 miles per hour, there is a loud whistling noise and the car, tires, start to jerk as if one of the tires are flat. It happens mostly when I am slowing down. It starts to shake and oulling to one side. I thought it was the road but now it does it on whatever road I am traveling on. The O/D light keeps flashing but I am not sure if the engine is messed up or if it's a more simple problem such as tires or wheels.


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February, 11, 2010 AT 3:37 PM

If the pulling only happens when using the brakes, chances are it is brake related. Make sure the rear brakes are properly adjusted. As far as the vibration, have steering components checked such as ball joints, tie rods. Also, the light that is flashing is indicating a problem with the trans. To check that, you need a scanner. Many nationally recognized parts stores will do it for free.

Let me know what you find.




February, 11, 2010 AT 9:23 PM

Hi. I took it to a Ford Dealer and they narrowed it down for me. You are exactly right. The loud noise and the O/D light would relate to a " transfer case" whatever that is which is popping and I also need front brakes and back wheel bearings. This is going to cost a lot. They quoted me at over $1000 just for the brakes and wheel bearings. Any idea what the transfer case is or how much it cost to repair it?

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