1999 Ford Explorer Rear Wiper Inoperative


Electrical problem
1999 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 125K miles

My rear wiper does NOT work. Replaced the fuse and the rear wiper motor -- still NO help. What do I do next? Where can I get an online wiring diagram to troubleshoot problem? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. RAUL M.

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Thursday, December 18th, 2008 AT 4:12 PM

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The wiper/washer system is controlled by the GEM (general electric module)and can be read for fault codes which will tell you where the fault lies?

Windshield wipers are operated by a permanent-magnet motor. When wiper control switch is in intermittent (INT) position, wipers make single sweeps, separated by adjustable-length pauses. On 2WD vehicles not equipped with power windows, all wiper functions are controlled by a Central Timer Module (CTM). On all other applications, wiper functions are controlled by Generic Electronic Module (GEM). CTM or GEM is located behind center instrument panel finish panel.
Vehicles with GEM may have speed dependent interval wipers. With this option, wiper speed interval automatically shortens as vehicle speed increases. Rear wipers are controlled by GEM. When liftgate or liftgate glass is ajar, rear wiper will be deactivated and return to park position. A check valve located in fluid line that passes through liftgate contains washer fluid in system between operations. Unintentional release of fluid is prevented by standpipe located along right rear pillar.

Before performing any system tests on wiper/washer system, check the following items to eliminate common problems:
Check battery junction box fuses No. 1 (60-amp) and No. 8 (15-amp).
Check central junction box (interior fuse panel) fuses No. 12 (7.5-amp), No. 16 (30-amp) and No. 25 (7.5-amp).
Damaged/stripped wiper motor shaft.
Damaged/stripped wiper pivot arm shaft.
Damaged washer pump.
Loose or corroded connections.
Damaged wiring harness.
Binding windshield wiper pivot arm.
If problem is not found, check for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC). See SELF-DIAGNOSTICS under SELF-DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM.
NOTE:Before performing self-diagnostics, perform TROUBLE SHOOTING.

Connect New Generation Star (NGS) tester to Data Link Connector (DLC) located beneath left side of instrument panel. Using NGS tester, perform data link diagnostic test. See appropriate MODULE COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK article. If NGS tester displays CKT914, CKT915 or CKT70 = ALL ECUS NO RESP/NOT EQUIP, see appropriate MODULE COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK article to diagnose network concern. If NGS tester displays NO RESPONSE/NOT EQUIPPED for GEM/CTM, perform TEST M: NO COMMUNICATION WITH GEM/CTM under SYSTEM TESTS.

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