1998 Ford Explorer



August, 29, 2010 AT 6:40 PM

Brakes problem
1998 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 187, 00 miles

Replaced caliper, rotor, & pads. Bled all calipers, master cylinder but to no avail, not getting any pedal.
Tried bleeding from master than rear to front, & also front to rear. Had a great pedal before replacing parts. ANY IDEAS OR SOLUTIONS WOULD BE GREAT!
There is no air in system!


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August, 29, 2010 AT 10:34 PM

When bleeding, are you getting fluid to all wheels? Try pumping brake pedal when engine is off, does it seem to get stiffer? May have leak at the brake booster.



August, 30, 2010 AT 5:27 PM

Getting strong fluid flow from all wheels and master cylinder when bleeding. Brake pedal is stifer with ignition off. Goes right to floor with ignition on with engine running!



August, 30, 2010 AT 5:30 PM

Seems like brake booster maybe the fault here. Use the steps below to test it.

Brake Booster Test

Functional Test: 1. With engine off, depress brake pedal several times; then, depress the pedal hard and hold that pressure for 15 seconds. If the pedal sinks, the master cylinder, brake line, or brake caliper is bad.

2. Start engine with pedal depressed. If the pedal sinks slightly, the vacuum booster is working. If the pedal height does not vary, the booster or check valve is faulty.

Leak Test: 1. Depress the brake pedal with the engine running, then stop the engine. If the pedal height does not vary, while depressed for 30 seconds, the vacuum booster is fine. If the pedal rises, the booster is faulty.

2. With the engine off, depress the brake pedal several times using normal pressure. When the pedal is first depressed, it should be low. On consecutive applications, pedal height should gradually rise. If the pedal position does not vary, check the booster check valve.

Check Valve Test: 1. Disconnect brake booster vacuum hose at booster.

2. Start engine and let it idle. Vacuum should be available--if not, the check valve is not working correctly. Replace the check valve and retest.

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