1995 Ford Explorer clutch hydraulics

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Transmission problem
1995 Ford Explorer 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 140, 00 miles

Clutch pedal does not return back to it's up position. I think that I let the fluid get to low. Does that mean air is in line?My manual says to bleed the hydrualic line from the bleeder valve except it does'nt show me where the that valve is. My question is;where is the bleeder valve located and how do I use it?(Sorry about the 2"n"1question). If this fixes the problem I'll gladly donate to your cause. Thank you, Stacy Saiz (novice mechanic).

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The bleeder valve is at the clutch slave-


Bleeding Procedure

NOTE: Under normal conditions, disconnecting the clutch coupling will not introduce air into the system. However, if there appears to be air in the system, (spongy pedal, or insufficient bearing travel) the system must be bled. The largest portion of bleeding is carried out by gravity.


Disconnect coupling at transmission with Clutch Coupling tool No. T88T-70522-A or equivalent by sliding white plastic sleeve toward clutch slave cylinder while applying a slight tug on clutch tube.
Clean dirt and grease from around the reservoir cap.
Remove cap and diaphragm, then fill reservoir to step with Heavy Duty Brake Fluid part No. C6AZ-19542-AA or -BA (ESA-M6C25-A) or equivalent. Brake fluid must be certified DOT 3 or 4 specification.
Using a screwdriver, depress internal mechanism of male coupling to open valve. While continuing to hold valve open, slowly depress and hold clutch pedal to floor.
Remove screwdriver from coupling, closing valve. Release clutch pedal.
Refill reservoir to level at step, then repeat Steps 4 and 5.
Close reservoir. Reconnect coupling to clutch slave cylinder. Check that connection is secure by applying a slight tug to clutch tube.
Stroke clutch pedal as rapidly as possible 5 to 10 times, wait one to three minutes, then repeat three more times.
Loosen bleed screw (located in clutch slave cylinder next to inlet connection), then depress and hold clutch pedal while tightening bleed screw.
Refill clutch master cylinder reservoir to level at step.

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