2005 Ford Excursion getting a code of P2291

Engine problem
2005 Ford Excursion Engine Size unknown Four Wheel Drive Automatic 62000 miles

I have the 6.0 diesel engine. Its saying injector control pressure too low and also says cranking pressure too low. This only happens when engine gets warmed up or driving for a ways and then if I shut it off to run into somewhere I have to wait a half hour or more before the truck will start. I was just wondering what could cause this. I installed the Banks power system in it and this started after I did that. Please let me know. Thank you
Getting a code of P2291
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Saturday, January 5th, 2008 AT 8:56 AM

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If the Banks system alters the programming of the computer, It's hard telling what you will need to do to fix the concern. I will give you some info that may help you determine your next course of action. The ICP (Injector Control Pressure) is a solenoid based valve located on the rear of the engine onthe Drivers Head. It regulates oil pressire from the high pressure oil pump to the injectors. The injectors use oil pressure to "pop off" when commanded by the computer. It is hard to say what exactly is causing the delay in starting, but it may be due to low oil pressure readings from the IPR ( injector pressure regulator) sensor. If you have low oil pressure in the high pressure system, the computer will not allow the vehicle to start. This helps prevent damage to the injectors which typically run about $400 a piece. If you indeed have low oil pressure in the high oil pressure system, it is possible that by running a performance chip, you may have blown out an injector, causing it to bleed off pressure. Once it bleeds off, it has a hard time repressurizing the system. But once the oil cools down and thickens up, it may not take as long. The other option is that the ICP itself may have been damage by the programming. If it needs to be replaced, your probably gonna want to take it somewhere to have it done. It's no fun at all. You can't see it. And if you do not have the right tool combination, good luck! I hope this info helps you out. If you have any further questions, you can PM me.
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Saturday, January 5th, 2008 AT 9:25 PM

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