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May, 20, 2007 AT 4:41 PM

I have Ford Escort sedan which has 126500 miles with an automatic transmission and 2 wheel drive. Some times gas drips at the bottom of the fuel filter even while driving. But most of the time it does not. How could this be happening? It has happened both times after being driven slowly It doesn't happen when I drive normally. This started after the shop replaced the fuel filter just a couple of thousand miles ago. The first time it leaked I immediately took the car to them and it was dry as a bone. They looked at me as if I was crazy and said it was water. It was not water I had felt the line under the fuel filter and had gotten my fingers wet with gasoline. Duh! I know what Gasoline smells like. Any suggestions?
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May, 21, 2007 AT 1:59 AM

Does it leak when it's sitting still and idling? A leak should be happening all the time. Maybe when you're driving faster the leak is running back on the line from the air rushing on it. I would do what you have to do to make the leak noticeable and bring it back and let them fix it. Otherwise disconnect the filter yourself, check if there are o-rings, they may need to be replaced.



May, 21, 2007 AT 8:39 PM

It did leak idling and sitting still.

Update: While messing with it yesterday I noticing the fuel filter was loose on it bracket so I shook it up and down to simulate the rough roads here in town and what do you know the bottom line popped off!
I pushed it back upon the filter with the plastic catch pin pulled out and then pushed the push pin back in place tightened down the fuel filter bracket and tested to see if the bottom line would pull loose.

It's not leaking for now but stay tuned to see if our moon craters (I mean chug holes) shake it loose again

Ford why can't you guys put maintenance things where people can get at them? : Evil:

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