1994 Ford Escort car stumbles at 3/4 or full throttle

  • 1994 FORD ESCORT
  • 4 CYL
  • FWD
  • 194,000 MILES
My escort stumbles really bad once I try to go full throttle especially on the freeway. It does better the lower the throttle somehow, I have replaced the tps, fuel regulator, coil, wires, plugs, fuel filter, and the problem stays the same it might be the injectors but theres no way of telling if theyre faulty. Any help on this will be most useful thanks!
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Thursday, March 18th, 2010 AT 1:32 AM

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Check fuel pressure is good !

Fuel Injector Test
With engine idling or cranking (no start), use stethoscope to listen for consistent, operational sounds (clicking) coming from each injector. If operational sounds are present, go to FUEL INJECTOR LEAKAGE TEST. If operational sounds are not present, go to next step.
Disconnect fuel injector connector and install continuity checker into injector connector. Start or crank engine. Observe whether continuity checker blinks, indicating completed circuit for injector being tested. Repeat continuity check for each injector. If all injector circuits indicate continuity, go to next step. If any circuit does not indicate continuity, turn ignition on. Check for 12 volts at each injector connector. If 12 volts is present at each injector connector, go to next step. If 12 volts is not present at each connector, repair wiring as necessary.
Using DVOM, check injector resistance. Replace injector if resistance is not about 12-16 ohms at 68 F (20 C). Repeat step 1). If results of step 1) are okay, go to FUEL INJECTOR LEAKAGE TEST. If injector resistance is within specification, go to FUEL INJECTOR LEAKAGE TEST.
Fuel Injector Leakage Test
Install Fuel Injector Tester/Cleaner (113-00001A). Clean injectors according to tester/cleaner manufacturer's instructions. After injectors are cleaned, check for fuel system pressure loss. If pressure loss is observed, remove injectors and individually check (bench test) injector leakage rate. Maximum injector leakage rate is one drop per 2 minutes. Replace injector if maximum leakage rate is exceeded.
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Thursday, March 18th, 2010 AT 5:51 AM

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