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March, 7, 2007 AT 3:41 PM

I have a 1991 Ford Bronco 4WD w/ 96K. I just installed a new car stereo to replace another aftermarket one. That's when the trouble arose. Now, my headlights, dome lights, stereo, cigarette lighter, power door locks, and horn aren't working. All fuses are good, though. I replaced the headlight switch to no avail. I drove it across town one day and all of a sudden, everything came on for like a minute and then promptly shut down again. The power windows and turn signals/brake lights run fine.
Should I replace the ignition switch? What would cause all of those problems?

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March, 7, 2007 AT 6:10 PM

Possibly a short somewhere or a wire in the wrong place. Trace the wires and make sure there's no bare wires or lose connections. Might even try disconnecting the stero and see it it all comes back on since that was the last thing to be installed before the problem arose.



March, 8, 2007 AT 12:34 AM

Look under the hood for the power distribution box. In this box are more fuses and relays for the car.
Check all these fuses. If good, then check the wiring between the fuse box and teh power distribution box for a loose conncetion.

Good luck.

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