1993 Ford Bronco My Fullsize Bronco will not engage into 4W

  • 1993 FORD BRONCO
  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 184,000 MILES
My Bronco had been sitting for about six months outside part of which was winter. During which time I might have started it only a couple of times. I remeber the 4x4 working when I first retired the vehicle, its the automatic push button that lit up. When I finally decided to get the Bronco going again to sell, I ran into a few problems. Possibly due to a dying battery my keyless entry was setting off my alarm and was killing th engine. I tried to trouble shoot it but every odd time I was able to get the car started and drive foward, if I slowed down or put it in reverse it would stall and so on so forth. I ended up taking out the alarm myself and did the best I could to reconnect everything. The car would start without a problem but I later came to find out that was only the half of it and I ended up needing a new TPS. Needless to say it was driveable again. I polished her up to sell, cleaned the engine with engine brite, thought I covered all the circuitry. Went for a ride in the car and decided to test the 4x4 had not done so since I first retired it. It doesn't work. I checked all the fuses and they are good. The indicator switch is not working and I am hearing nothing. Two things happened I think. Something got wet from when I washed the engine or was it possible that when I removed the alarm I could have messed up the wiring? Or maybe it is something altogether different. Sorry about the novel fellas, I don't know enough about trucks to know whats important and whats not. I would appreciate your insight.
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Saturday, October 25th, 2008 AT 11:11 AM

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If you are not hearing any clicks of a relay when you push the button the engage the 4x4, it could be a relay problem, it could be the switch is bad. Those are the 2 easy ones. It could also mean that the electric motor on the transfer case has frozen up from sitting or just quit working altogether. I'd check the relay first, then check and/or replace the switch. (They're inexpensive to get.) You may have to have someone look at the motor on the transfer case to see if it's any good.
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Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 AT 7:33 AM

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