1989 Ford Bronco



December, 26, 2007 AT 1:08 AM

Engine problem
1989 Ford Bronco V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 190000 miles

I have a 1989 Ford Bronco (full size) with the 302 V-8. I had the engine replaced 3 years ago, and hardly ever drive it. Apprx 15,000 miles light duty on new engine. (Like new) Oil level got low, and damaged the engine. The " check engine" light came on just in time to tell me. Ruined engine. I could hear the knocking, I knew I screwed up. Figured atleast a rod bearing, maybe the crank. Towed to the shop. And I was told. That it was an extended rod, and not just the bearing. And that ALL the rods would have to be replaced. An entire bottom end replacement. Rods, rod bearings main bearings crank. $2,800

Can you tell this without pulling the rod? Then, can you pull the rod without pulling the head?
I have seen engines have 1 or 2 rods replaced. Not all 8. And they were fine.

I got the old " You have to replace them all or it unbalances the engine. I know the rods at the factory are not all identical, and they don't balance them there. I am doubtful, that this diagnosis could be made. If all they did was pull the pan? I am not even certain they did that.

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December, 26, 2007 AT 1:57 AM

Could be just the rod and main bearings involved here-to replace the connecting rod you have to pull the heads to replace them. The piston pin/wrist locks the connecting rod with the piston

Maybe all it needs is just a crankshaft kit to begin with.



December, 26, 2007 AT 8:51 AM

I think Ford sell crate motors for about 2200.00

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