1991 Ford Aerostar


Electrical problem
1991 Ford Aerostar 6 cyl All Wheel Drive Automatic 190, 00 miles

my power windows won't work, I direct wired from the battery to the window motor, it worked next I direct wired to the window switch and engaged to down position, motor worked, I don't have any voltage to the driver door switch, I checked voltage at the fuse and only get 4 volts. Is there another voltage regulator or relay for these windows. The passenger window will not work on it's own independent switch. My wife says both windows stopped working at the same time(it's her car). Any power you can direct on the subject would be greatly appreciated, thanks Barry.

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POWER WINDOWS -1991 Ford Aerostar
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Both Windows Inoperative
Check circuit breaker No. 14 in fuse panel. If circuit breaker opens when either window is operated, check window motor current draw. See WINDOW MOTOR TEST in this article. Check for voltage on Light Blue/Black wire at master window switch. Check for continuity between Black wire at master control switch and ground.

Left Window Inoperative
Check for voltage on Light Blue/Black wire at master control switch. Check master control switch operation. Check for open in Yellow wire and White/Black wire between master control switch and left window motor. Using 12-volt source, check left window motor operation.

Right Window Inoperative (From Master Control Switch)
Check master control switch operation.

Right Window Inoperative (From Right Control Switch)
Check for open in Light Blue/Black wire between fuse panel and right control switch. Check right control switch operation.

The other problem you might have is broken wires in the conduit between the door and the cab.

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