Electrical problem with Smart junction box

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My smart junction box has been replaced in my car 4 times since 2010 the first thing to go out on the car has always been the blinker lights on the right side. The mechanics at the shop keep telling me that it is my speaker system which was installed in 2006 in my car. The same shop also installed an alternator in my car in 2010 after that the junction box has been going out over and over is it a possibility they installed something wrong on the alternator and it keeps blowing the box.I also noticed that the same shop also re-wired my speaker system ground wire behind the cd player and ran it thru the actual wiring harness on the car instead of it having its own ground wire could this be the problem also, the wire for the amp is grounded to the frame in the back but the ground for the cd player is ran thru the wire harness the shop told me that all the power from the speaker is going to the smart box and making it blow. Could this really be the problem even tho I didnt have any problems untill the alternator was replaced and the wires were re done behind my cd player for them to install a fog lamp switch on my car
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Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 AT 1:31 PM

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This may be a combo problem and i'm only guessing cause i'd really have to look at it. But the cd shold have it 's own ground i'm guessing this is one of the high powered radio units with amp and those really should have their own power harness and not attached to the smart box. Also with the high amp draw the battery cables should be checked for cleanliness and not any corrosion as this causes problem s as well. Maybe the alternator that was installed is of higher amp to take up for what is installed. The speakers may hav eto be grounded to cd to make it work but there should also be another ground to body of car. But like I said not seeing this i'm trying to give an educated guess.
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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 AT 8:07 AM

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