2003 Dodge Neon



August, 6, 2010 AT 7:25 AM

Electrical problem
2003 Dodge Neon 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 99000 miles

i have been having a prblem with my neon for the past 5 months in the mornings it will crank but not start after 3-4 tries it will start 2 days ago it would not start in the middle of the day it would just click and nothing else so I took out the alternator and had it tested it tested good put it back in went ot advanced auto and had battery and starter tested they tested fine, thier tester also checked for shorts and found none. I am totally lost with this problem battery terminals are clean so after I got the car home I started it the next morning and the dashlights and dome light were going bright and dim while idling reved engine a little and problem stopped but when I restart it I have the same problem I have a new igintion coil for the car but dont want to put it on unless it is bad I have also cosidered the crank and cam sensors but I am not getting a check engine light and no codes are being stored


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August, 6, 2010 AT 9:24 AM

If the lights are dimming and brightening, then either the voltage regulator, or a ground problem is the likely cause, check negative cable and attaching points, and all grounds you can locate. How old is the battery?



August, 17, 2010 AT 10:30 AM

I have been having the same prob and no it's not the voltage regulator. It has none. The voltage is controled by the comp. Now I also put on a new alternater and turned on ok but sometimes just like you I get the clicks and you have to fight to turn it on. I have gone and replaced the ground wires and still nothing. Battery is next. Man let me know if you fix your prob. Good luck bro.



August, 17, 2010 AT 1:39 PM

VOLTAGE REGULATOR The amount of DC current produced by the generator is controlled by EVR circuitry contained within the PCM. This circuitry is connected in series with the generators second rotor field terminal and its ground. Voltage is regulated within the PCM, to control the strength of the rotor magnetic field. The EVR circuitry monitors system line voltage at the PDC and calculated battery temperature or inlet air temperature sensor. It then determines a target charging voltage. If sensed battery voltage is lower than the target voltage, the PCM feeds the field winding until sensed battery voltage is at the target voltage. A circuit in the PCM cycles the feed side of the generator field at 250 times per second (250Hz), but has the capability to feed the field control wire 100% of the time (full field) to achieve the target voltage. If the charging rate cannot be monitored (limp-in), a duty cycle of 20% is used by the PCM in order to have some generator output.
Scanned for B and U codes? Check this circuit?

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