2000 Dodge Neon Timing belt and crankshaft pulley

  • 2000 DODGE NEON
Engine Mechanical problem
2000 Dodge Neon 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 214XXX miles

First I should say I know absolutely nothing about fixing cars besides oil changes. Now since I'm jobless and have plenty of time I decided to take on the water pump and timing belt since the water pump went out a couple months ago. So I've got the timing belt and pump in, everything there seems just fine even though I'm not 100% sure if I had the timing lined up right or not (that's a very stupidly confusing thing). Anyway so the hardest part of this whole job I must say was getting that stupid crankshaft pulley off (excuse me I'm not for sure but it maybe called the camshaft pulley, see I'm stupid with cars) and now even worse is getting the pulley back on. I've literally been out there beating that thing on all day, got it to where I thought it was as far as it would go, put my new motor mounts on and put the alternator belt back on and then to the serpentine belt. Now to me it looks like the crankshaft pulley is sticking out just a teeny tiny bit towards the outside than the serpentine belt. I got it all on and went to go start the car and that serpentine belt fell off. I didn't here any clanking in the motor so I hope that means I got the timing all good. So after the belt fell off I beat it and beat it (with a rubber hammer) till once again it looks like that's as far as it will go. Nope still wants to fall off but the engine still sounded like the timing was fine again. So I've given up. There is mechanics who live in my apartment building and they refuse to give me any help or advice, they just say that is the stupidest thing they've seen. Dodge making the timing belt run the water pump. I don't know enough about the stuff to know exactly how stupid that would be. However, I seriously am so close to being done and proud of myself for doing all this work but I can't unless someone gives me some advice on how to get that stupid pulley all the way on. PLEASE HELP, I would love that car to be running tomorrow and taking me to work by Wednesday. Thank you so much! :)
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Monday, September 20th, 2010 AT 4:56 PM

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First, the water pump being run by the timing belt isn't that odd. It sounds like the mechanic doesn't know what he is doing and doesn't want involved. As far as the pulley, are you sure the harmonic balancer is on the entire way? It is keyed and can only go on one way.

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Monday, October 4th, 2010 AT 7:18 AM

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