2000 Dodge Intrepid



March, 29, 2006 AT 6:54 AM

I want to change the spark plugs on my 2000 Chrysler Intrepid (139 000 kms) but I was told by many of my friends that they were near impossible to get to without moving internal parts. When I went to the garage they asked 800$ to do the job, obviously I said NO! I just wanted to know where the spark plugs are and if there're accesible. I saw the 6 terminals right on top of the engine and figured that they we're the new coil packages but why would it cost 800$ to change something thats right in front of you eyes? Any help would be greatly apprecieated

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April, 3, 2006 AT 10:14 AM

As follows: 1. With a cool engine, remove the spark plug coil from one spark plug. Remove the two bolts, disconnect the electrical connector and pull the coil and its plug boot out.

2. If compressed air is available, use it to blow any dirt or foriegn material away from the spark plug area. This is to prevent material from falling into the combustion chamber.

3. Place the spark plug socket over the plug and remove it from the engine by turning it in a counterclockwise direction.

4. Follow these steps in reverse order to install the new plugs, be sure not to over tighten

5. Tell your friends they are idiots.

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