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July, 21, 2009 AT 10:24 AM

Suspension problem
1975 Dodge Dart V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 33000 miles

My son recently purchased a 1975 Dodge Dart Custom (318-V8) w/ 33K miles. The car has been regularly driven thru the years at least 1-2 times a month, but was apparently always an 'in-town' car (trips to the store, church, etc.), But hasn't had really any work done on it of any kind.
Aside from the normal tune-up (plugs, wires, cap & rotor), what other service should be done. Should any sensors be checked? There was some oil leakage at the valve cover gaskets & an exposed part of the gasket was quite brittle. I've replaced the gaskets & it appears to have 'fixed the issue', but it made think there may be other rubber parts, hoses, gaskets, etc. That need attn.(?) I also replaced the Auto-Trans filter & trans fluid.
To me, the steering feels 'a bit loose' w/a bit of over-steer & a 'slight' (steering wheel) 'wobble' at over 50-mph.I've ordered some shocks (OEM), but would like to know about any other bushings, etc. That should be replaced on this suspension. Or if there are any 'highly suggested' upgrades that should be done to make this car more roadworthy (safe).

I'm basically looking for advice on 'all/any' recommended service I should complete before my son starts driving it full-time. Thanks for your time & advice. Kindest Regards & THANK YOU.
sirvertual@gmail. Com

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September, 27, 2009 AT 2:35 PM

If the steering linkage and suspension are tight and the steering box is ok. Drive belts, brakes, and fuel system checks are the big 3. Ok after that repair as necessary. It takes some mileage and heat to see how it will hold up. Steering, fuel, and brakes will keep it safe until you see anything or feel anything abnormal. I have replaced quite a few steering boxes or steering gears. Pitman arms. Good car.

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