1990 Dodge Dakota



September, 12, 2006 AT 1:56 PM

My husband's 1990 Dodge Dakota, 4 cylinder 2.5L, 115,000 miles, died while we were driving this weekend. My brother looked over the truck and suspects that it jumped timing. The same thing just happened less than 2 months ago, and the timing belt was replaced at that time. Is this something that will keep happening or is it possible that it was not fixed correctly in the first place? This is getting very frustrating because this truck has been very reliable otherwise.


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September, 18, 2006 AT 1:09 PM

I would suggest either buying a haynes manual for the vehicle and replacing the timing belt step by step or bringing it somewhere. Jumping timing is NOT a good thing if you keep running it and it get s worse it may end up doing some real damage to the valves, pistons, head, etc. I would recommend replacing the tensioner ffor the timing belt as it sounds it is not working right or the belt wasnt installed correctly. Good luck : )

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