1995 Dodge Caravan 1995 Dodge Caravan 3.0L Trouble Code 54

Engine Performance problem
1995 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 130k miles

I picked up a 95 Caravan that needed head gaskets, I also found some mice had chewed some wires so I replaced the wiring harnesses that was damaged and fixed some other wires. I do not think there is any wiring problems now? I did replace the T-belt also and tune up parts. When I went to fire it up, no start. Thought maybe I put the distributor in off a tooth so I messed with that with no results. Found that I had wired the fuel injectors wrong. Think I have them wired to the correct injectors now but not sure? After the rewire and resetting the distributor to the correct position, it started. It idles a touch rough like an occasional miss and after warm up it will stall out at idle. Accelerates very well though when driving, and revving can keep it from stalling after warm. To be clear, it idles when cold, just rough. When I rev the engine at the throttle body, I hear a growl like exhaust leak at ERG pipe connection to throttle body, have tried to fix, but cant verify any real leak there. I get a trouble code 54 No Sync Pick-Up Signal {3.0L MPI - Only} No high data rate signal detected during engine rotation. I have read some of your advice before. So I looked at the distributor. At the distributor plug, I have a ground and 1 wire (red on distributor wire side) puts out 9 DCV the white wire puts out approx 5 DCV. On the distributor itself, I have continuity only through the red and black wires when out of engine. I tried a used distributor and same issue. I do own an Autoxray EZ-scan 5000 if you could use some freeze frame data. I do not comprehend much of that well. I am curious if you have any thoughts. Could I have the T-belt off a tooth? Could I have the injectors still wired wrong? Maybe a manifold leak? I only get that 54 trouble code. Lastly, I read various info on the net. Some say 54 turbo only, mine is not a turbo. I also read that is has a camshaft position sensor that is not in the distributor, yet I find none, nor wires for one. My understanding is that if it was a crank shaft position sensor, I should have no spark? Sorry, I only have an empty gift card.
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Not just for turbo
these are the steps needed to verify the reason why check engine light on with the code 54


1-Using scan tool, erase DTCs. Attempt to start engine. If engine will not start, crank engine for at least 20 seconds. Using scan tool, read DTCs. If scan tool does not display NO CAM SYNC SIGNAL AT PCM, go to next step. If scan tool displays NO CAM SYNC SIGNAL AT PCM, go to step 4).

2-At this time, condition required to set DTC is not present. NO CAM SYNC SIGNAL AT PCM DTC sets if Powertrain Control Module (PCM) does not see a camshaft position sensor signal with crankshaft position sensor signal present. Possible causes are: open or shorted camshaft position sensor Orange wire, open camshaft position sensor Black/Light Blue wire, open or shorted camshaft position sensor Gray/Black wire, damaged pulse ring, failed sensor, or failed PCM. Go to next step.
3-Inspect all related wiring and connectors. Repair as necessary. Perform TEST VER-2. If wiring and connectors are okay
4-Turn ignition off. Disconnect and inspect distributor connector. Repair as required. If distributor connector is okay, go to next step.
5-Turn ignition on. Using scan tool in voltmeter mode, check voltage of distributor connector Tan/Yellow wire. If voltage is more than 4 volts, replace camshaft position sensor.
6-If voltage is less than 4 volts, turn ignition off. Disconnect PCM connector. Using an external ohmmeter, check resistance of camshaft position sensor Tan/Yellow wire between distributor connector and PCM connector terminal No. 44.
7-If resistance is more than 5 ohms, repair open Tan/Yellow wire. Perform TEST VER-2. If resistance is less than 5 ohms, go to next step.
8-Using scan tool in ohmmeter mode, check resistance of PCM connector terminal No. 44 (Tan/Yellow wire). If resistance is less than 5 ohms, repair short to ground in Tan/Yellow wire. Perform TEST VER-2. If resistance is more than 5 ohms, replace PCM.
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