1997 Dodge Avenger



August, 17, 2009 AT 6:03 PM

1997 Dodge Avenger 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 300000 miles

I have a damaged door and I believe it is the hinges but I need to take a look inside to see what needs to be replaced and how I could fix it.

Can anyone give me the exact steps to taking off the door safely? I am having a bit of trouble because I cannot open it up very far at all just a few inches.

Thanks for the help

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August, 17, 2009 AT 11:33 PM

Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Open the door, then support it either with the help of an assistant or a padded jack.
Detach the electrical connector at the hinge pillar.
Remove the spring pin securing the door check strap to the hinge pillar.
Remove the door-to-hinge mounting bolts.
Carefully remove the door from the vehicle.

Apply a suitable multi-purpose grease to the door hinges and door strap spring pin.
Position the door on the vehicle and install the door-to-hinge mounting bolts.
Tighten the door-to-hinge mounting bolts to 16 ft. lbs. (22 Nm).
Install the spring pin securing door check strap to the hinge pillar.
Attach the electrical connector at the hinge pillar.
Connect the negative battery cable. Perform the door adjustment procedure.

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