Electrical issues

  • 1980 JEEP CJ7
  • 5.9L
  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 125,000 MILES
Hi All,

I am currently running into some electrical issues with my vehicle. I drove the vehicle not long ago and decided to take it out the other day. To my surprise the batteries were dead. Being they are only a year old I took them to get tested and only one of them had actually failed. I re-installed both batteries (vehicle has a dual battery setup) and went to start the vehicle. Still there was nothing but a click. I thought to myself well that has to be the solenoid or the starter and could have been the cause for the battery drainage. I then went and purchased a started and solenoid as they were pretty dated. Once I put those on still nothing but a click noise. I now noticed that it was coming from the relay on the firewall. I then replaced that thinking it may have been dated. Went to start the vehicle and still got the clicking noise. I then thought well maybe the key lock is bad. I then ordered a new key lock and installed it. I still got nothing but the click from the relay. What I do not understand is when you put the key in the run position you can hear the fuel injection cut on (this vehicle has a fuel injected 360). Once you go to start it there is nothing but a single click from the relay. At this point I am running out of options. I believe the CJ's do not have a clutch override so I do not think that is an issue. I would assume that the vehicle is getting power to the relay but it is not transferring it to the starter. Just so everyone knows this vehicle is equipped with a Painless wiring harness. Does anyone have any ideas what else it may be? At this point I am stuck. I would hate to get it towed to the shop when I can fix it myself. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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Monday, May 22nd, 2017 AT 9:35 AM

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Check the fusible links on starter solenoid. See picture they should have twelve volts both sides. Not Painless uses a fusible link though. I am sure you can go online and find their schematic as that is all a shop would do. One thing to check is to check for a good ground from battery to body as well as batter to engine and engine to body. What I am sending is factory hookup for fusible link.
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Monday, May 22nd, 2017 AT 12:41 PM

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