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2003 Chrysler Voyger, 78000 miles, 4cyl

What are some reasons that the compressor would build enough pressure to destroy the unit. It cracked and all the coolant and oil leaked out

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007 AT 5:45 PM

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Hi, All compressors are on borowed time from new, as most manufacturers only oil the compressors. As soon as your a/c is switched on from day one some of the oil is discharged from the compressor and relies on the refrigerant vapour to bring it back to lubricate the compressor. If you have not had an a/c service in the life of your vehicle, you can well expect the compressor to have run dry and break up. Discharge the system and remove the compressor, take it apart and see if it has chewed itself up. If so flush the pipes with flusing fluid and replace the drier/accumulator before trying another compressor.

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Sunday, August 26th, 2007 AT 2:51 PM

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