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March, 16, 2008 AT 1:24 AM

Engine Cooling problem
1994 Chrysler Van Engine Size unknown Wheel Drive Type unknown Automatic 163313 miles

It happened 2 days ago. The temperature guage would go past the normal operational range and it will fluctuate. It would go all the way to " H" and then it would go back down to half way mark (which is still past normal operational range). This fluctuates a lot and I can't seem to find the problem. Because of this, the radiator fan is working extra hard and I usually don't hear it at all while driving but I hear it on all the time now. The " Check Gages" light also comes on, but I'm suspecting this is due to the temperature of the engine coolant going up to the " H" mark. From reading the car manual, I do suspect that there may not be enough or any pressure in the cooling system to move the coolant along. There is no leak from what I can see. I had the radiator flushed at Mr. Lube in January. I'm not sure if the problem originated from there although this only started happening 2 days ago. Any advice?


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March, 16, 2008 AT 1:33 AM

Try replacing the thermostat-not it do the following below: Have it block and pressure tested-do the block first to pinpoint a combustion leaking into the cooling system or a gas analyzer to sniff for hydrocarbons at the radiator fill neck.

Pressure test: do not do a pressure test if there's leakage at the headgasket this might cause coolant into the cylinders and lock it up or bend a connecting rod if cranked thereafter. The headgasket should be repaired before doing the pressure test.

If the block and pressure test passes check the following: Thermostat, Pressure test the Rad. Cap, Clogged radiator, Fan clutch, Radiator electrical fan, collaspe hoses, water pump.



March, 16, 2008 AT 1:41 AM

Ah, thanks for the quick reply. I am not car technical savvy at all. So I personally can't do any of what you just advise me to. But I will definitely take that advice to the dealership so that I can avoid any costly repairs that they may try to gimmick me into. Thanks a bunch!

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