2001 Chrysler Sebring



October, 18, 2008 AT 6:48 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 Chrysler Sebring 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 67000 miles

I have 2001 chrysler convertible LXI 2D.

Today, my car just stopped suddenly on the road and transmission just went off. I took the car to pep boys and they told that head gasket is damaged.

They say that water is getting mixed with the oil and as result of it needs to be changed but that might not stop all problems.

the cost of repairing they have given is 1100 for labor charges plus additional 800-1000 for parts.

I saw that oil completely leaked off as it was spilled all over.

What should I do. I got the check of the car done last week and everything was perfect till last night.

they are asking me to trade-in the car as it no point getting fixed as per them

How can this happen? Is the estimate correct and please suggest me some cheaper one in tallahasee, florida.


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October, 18, 2008 AT 9:14 PM

I am very sorry to say that even though you had the car checked, unless they were looking for a blown head gasket or it was at the point that it was even leaking that would be hard to detect unless it was blowing out white smoke, the car was running rough, you saw oil in the radiator or anti freeze in the oil.
The gasket between the heads and the engine can have a small leak in them for a while and hard to detect. Then one day, as in your case, it breaks loose.
The cost in my experience is pretty close. I have changed numerous head gaskets, even on a Sebring and there is a lot to it.
If you do have it done you need to make sure the heads are redone and hopefully that is part of the cost. They will check/replace any bad valves, put new seals in them, resurface them and clean them up. Some places don't do this and or charge extra. The oil will need to be changed and if oil got into the cooling system then that should be flushed.
As for: there is no point in getting it fixed, that is your choice and depends on the rest of the condition of the car.

I don't have access to shops in Tallahassee. I am sorry. My suggestion there is talk to the Better Business Bureau for reputable repair shops. Also, the local churches here have a business phone book that has different businesses in it. You might check there. You may even inquire with them if they know of mechanics in their congregation. Another thought, sounds crazy, but some auto schools, high schools with auto shops may be willing to use your car to train the students if you purchase the parts. At least you would know an instructor is there watching and teaching.

According to Kelly Blue book, me not knowing all what you have on the car or its condition, if the car was running and in excellent condition and you were selling it to a friend then it is worth about $6790. Good condition is about $6290 and in fair condition is about $5690.

Again, I am sorry to hear of your trouble. This is somewhat normal though with a head gasket. I will say a prayer that things work out for you. Try to stay positive and if your car is in good shape, then it may be worth getting it fixed.



October, 18, 2008 AT 10:13 PM


Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes, the oil leak was there all over I saw it my own self. And water seemed to be mixed with the oil.

Also, so would suggest not fixing it? And leaving it like that. Would anyone buy such a car which does not even start now unless gasket is changed.

Also, would fixing this normally end the problems or is it beginning of problems.

Car never had problems and everyone who sat it in or saw say that getting it for 7000 was a deadly steal. I have driven it upto 90-100mph to test. Not always.

Exteriors are magnificient and interiors are just superb. Scratchless. If you woould see it you won; t believe its a 2001 model.

And pep boys and AAA say that they don see any other problem before this happened as I used to get a constant check on it. Everytime it was we don have anything on it that needs repair. Tires though driven 67k still are weared only 10%. Brake pads and drums and fluids are all great.



October, 19, 2008 AT 12:49 AM

Well, it is hard to give such advice without being there, knowing you, your circumstances etc. So please understand that the advice I am going to give is if you were my wife or daughter, sitting here in the driveway.
As for fixing it. If the car is in as good of shape as you say, then yes get it fixed. The problem I feel right now is that you may be taken advantage of. You feel the car is worthless; I come to you offering you maybe $1500 to take this problem off your hands. You seem sad but feel, well; at least I got something for it. I bring it home, change the head gasket; it costs me $1100 in parts. So far I have spent $2600 for the car; I sell it for at least $6000, I made $3400 off of your misfortune. I have heard of folks selling their car extremely cheap for an oil leak that could be fixed for a $12.00 part. So maybe a little dialog.
Would I fix it, I think you see by the above I would. Is it the beginning of problems? Any car you get can be that. You seem to take care of the vehicle, many don't. Head gaskets blow. If the engine ever got a little too hot, the heads warp a little, it goes. The gasket may have had a slight tear on installation and finally broke loose. My friend drove a brand new SUV, took it back to the dealer about 8 times, they ended up changing the entire engine. Had to bring it back to the dealer several more times. Was able to invoke the lemon law and got a different vehicle.
Again, the beginning of problems. Brakes, rotors, batteries, these things are normal wear. Different parts may go out but then again, you may be able to drive it 100000 miles with no problem. But again, that is any car. So you have to go by what you see, think and feel.
So, would you be able to do it yourself? Are you with family or friends that could or could help? Maybe a little more info on your circumstance could provide other things.
What is typed in this area is open for all to view. If you would like to continue with the above in sharing more of your circumstances and would prefer others not to know, then let me know and we will use a different email.
Good luck and I hope this helps.



October, 19, 2008 AT 7:33 PM

Please mention in the subject carpros : ) so that I can understand its from you.

I desperately need some suggestion.

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