Rear rotors come off?

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 35,000 MILES
How does the rear rotors come off?
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Friday, January 1st, 2010 AT 3:18 PM

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1) Raise and support vehicle.
2) Remove tire and wheel assembly

NOTE: In some cases, it may be necessary to retract caliper piston in its bore a small amount in order to provide sufficient clearance between shoes and rotor to easily remove caliper from knuckle. This can usually be accomplished before guide pin bolts are removed, by grasping rear of caliper and pulling outward working with guide pins, thus retracting piston. Never push on piston directly as it may get damaged.

Fig. 68 Rear Brake Caliper Mounting:

3) Remove two caliper guide pin bolts (Fig. 68).

Fig. 69 Rear Caliper Removal :

4) Remove caliper assembly from brake adapter by first rotating bottom of caliper away from rotor, then lifting caliper (with shoes) away from upper adapter abutment (Fig. 69).

Fig. 70 Supporting Caliper:

5) To prevent weight of caliper from overextending and damaging brake hose while caliper is off mount, hang brake caliper from vehicle using wire or cord (Fig. 70).

Fig. 71 Rear Brake Rotor Mounting:

6) Remove any clips retaining brake rotor to wheel mounting studs (Fig. 71).
7) Remove brake rotor from hub (Fig. 71).


NOTE: Inspect disc brake shoes and parking brake shoes before installation.

1) Clean hub face to remove any dirt or corrosion where rotor mounts.
2) Install brake rotor over wheel mounting studs and onto hub (Fig. 71).
3) Make sure abutment shims are in place on both slide abutments of caliper adapter.

CAUTION: Use care when installing caliper assembly onto adapter so guide pin bushings and sleeves do not get damaged by mounting bosses on adapter.

4) Retract caliper guide pins to clear mounting bosses on caliper adapter when installing caliper.
5) Install brake caliper in opposite way it was removed. Starting with upper end, carefully position caliper and brake shoes over brake rotor and align outboard shoe's upper edge with caliper slide abutment. Rotate lower end of caliper into mounting position on adapter.

CAUTION: Extreme caution should be taken not to cross-thread caliper guide pin bolts when they are installed.

6) Carefully install caliper guide pin bolts (Fig. 68). Tighten bolts to 23 Nm (17 ft. lbs.) .
7) Install tire and wheel assembly. Tighten wheel mounting nuts to 135 Nm (100 ft. lbs.) .
8) Lower vehicle.
9) Pump brake pedal several times to ensure vehicle has a firm brake pedal before moving vehicle.
10) Check and adjust brake fluid level as necessary.
11) Road test vehicle and make several stops to wear off any foreign material on brakes and to seat brake shoes.
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