1991 Chrysler New Yorker DIY repair questions re: headlight

Electrical problem
1991 Chrysler New Yorker 6 cyl Automatic 100000 miles

My husband just purchased a 1991 Chrysler New Yorker Sedan, and I have found there are a few problems with the car. For one (and a very important fact for me), the headlights don't seem to work. They are the kind that "fold down" when the lights are off, but when we turn on the lights nothing happens, not even a sound. Well, we figured out how to manually open them but the lights still don't come on. Options? There seems to be a problem with the AC as well (the switch doesn't do anything when you move it). Could it just be that the switch is broken or is it something else we can fix? Also, the car drives like a dream and seems to have fabulous gas mileage, but every once in a while the engine seems to "surge or get louder" in a kind of rhythmic fashion and then will go away. What is causing this and how do we fix it? Thanks in advance for all your help!
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Hi ladymacarizona,

Thank you for the donation.

The engine problem seems to be surging. Check if the rpm is moving up and down. It can be caused by :

Check throttle position sensor and connection
Check coolant temperature sensor and connection
Check coolant level in radiator
Check air temperature sensor (turbo only)
Ensure spark plugs are not fouled
Check ignition and sensor wires for proper connection
Check distributor (if applicable)
Check ignition and coil circuit
Check intake system
Check engine speed sensor
Check throttle position sensor and connector
Check MAP sensor

Here is a description of the headlight system.
The headlight system is controlled by a Body Control Module (BCM). The BCM, located in the right kick panel (under the instrument panel), receives input from the ignition switch, headlight switch and headlight dimmer switch. It controls time-delay headlight system (if equipped). The BCM allows headlights to remain on for 60 seconds before automatically turning off lights and closing headlight doors when ignition and headlight switches are turned off.

The BCM also controls headlight doors when the passing lights are used. With headlights turned off, actuating headlight dimmer switch will signal BCM to open headlight doors. The operator then has 2 seconds to flash the bright lights before BCM closes headlight doors. Holding headlight dimmer switch in the engaged position signals BCM to keep headlight doors open until dimmer switch is released. Actuating headlight dimmer switch with parking lights on signals BCM to open headlight doors. Doors remain open until headlights are turned off.

Turn on headlights with ignition switch in RUN position. If headlight doors do not operate, check for the following possible causes.

Burned fuse, circuit breaker or fusible link caused by a short to body ground
Wire connector or pin inside connector disengaged at any connector or component in system
Defective electronic component
Defective electronic module
Subfreezing weather conditions, mechanical failure, or corroded or misaligned assemblies

If you are you able to perform simple test with a test lamp or voltmeter, I would gladly provide some procedures for you try to diagnose what is wrong.

Check the following fuses.
# 3 = Left Low Beam
# 4 = Right Low Beam
# 5 = Headlight switch


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