1993 Chrysler Imperial



July, 21, 2009 AT 5:30 PM

Electrical problem
1993 Chrysler Imperial 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 18**** miles

My radiator fan, A/C, power windows, and power door locks have recently stopped working. I have read that the problem could be a fusible link, they are supposed to be located behind the battery, but I can't find them. Where specifically are they?

If this isn't the problem what else could it be?


Fusible Link


Fusible Links


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September, 26, 2009 AT 3:32 PM

All residential and vehicle wiring is protected from fire damage caused by short circuits. Circuit breakers, plastic fuses, and wires that burn when overloaded are three examples of circuit protections used. The fusible link wire is used for this purpose in most cars and trucks til about 95 when larger more serviceable fuses were used. You can still see them used today. It is a type of fuse wire that burns and protects the circuits(wires) from the battery positive terminal to the interior fuse box. They are also used for many other circuits under the hood, body, and chassis. You will find them in the engine compartment. Follow the battery positive cable from the terminal to the firewall. They are wrapped in black tape so they will be hidden. They are grouped together. You can't miss them. About halfway from the battery to the firewall.
An open circuit in the wiring to the interior fuse box will also cause this problem. THE SHORT CIRCUIT MUST BE REPAIRED BEFORE FUSIBLE LINK REPLACEMENT. This is an automotive electricians job and I used to love testing and repairing wiring shorts to ground. SAFETY HAZARD.



September, 26, 2009 AT 4:03 PM

All thoes items power off ignition switch run circuit. Try jiggling key see if the stuff pops on.

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