2000 Chevy Venture exhaust issue

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2000 Chevy Venture, 160000 miles, Auto, 2 whell FWD

My wife and I recently bought the vehicle, and while driving it suddenly became very noisy with significant power drop. Upon examination we found the exhaust pipe had separated from the rear exhaust manifold. I removed and replaced the gasket, and it was running fine. For less than two miles, when again the pipe separated. The plate that holds the gasket to the manifold is securely bolted on, but it is separate from the exhaust pipe itself. Is this normal, or has a weld failed, and does it necessitate complete replacement of that section of pipe? Or is there some way to wed the two pieces together again? Vehicle seems to be running fine otherwise, but am sure to drive right now would brak some noise ordinances. Harley riders were giving us looks as we limped it home on the first occasion!

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Monday, July 16th, 2007 AT 11:07 PM

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Normally there is a flange or a flare on the end of the exhaust pipe so the plate will not slip over the end as you tighten it up to exhaust manifold. The flange on yours either is worn down or was not made correctly and is letting the plate slip over it. Yes you could weld the plate to the exhaust pipe but you need to be sure of the angle of the plate will be when it is tight. And before you weld on the van take both battery cables off the battery.

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Sunday, July 22nd, 2007 AT 1:57 PM

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