1999 Chevy Venture Repairs

Can anybody tell me, what my outlook might be in paying for the following repairs on this "heap of junk", I have owned for only a year?
I have a 199 chevy venture. In less than a year that I have owned it, I have replaced: tires, waterpump, radiator, hoses, head gasket. Now, a year later it has been overheating badly and water is leaking from the radiator. Took it to a shop yesterday and the mechanic told me he refuses to fix it. He said that after throughly checking it, said it needs the head gasket replaced again and that the radiator needs replaced, along with the heating coil. (He would not quote me a price) My final question is: Do you all think I ought to just have the van fixed & be done with it or do you all think after a year, I ought to just sell it for scrap? This van was a gift from my sister a year ago. She paid 9 grand, so far I have put in 3 grand in repairs. My husband wants to just get rid of it. My father-in-law thinks we ought to just repair it. Do you all know if this will be an expensive reapir job?
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Friday, November 9th, 2007 AT 8:44 AM

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Wow, tough one

you had the head gaskets done some time ago and I can only guess that the radiator was leaking and no one caught it and overheated it to the point that the head gaskets blew again, I cant quote you on prices as I dont know where you are and what the labor rate is, what I can tell you is that repairing the vehicle is less costly then having a new car paymet, it would be up to you to decide what you can afford, the venture was a good van in my opinion, all cars have problems even brand new ones

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Saturday, November 10th, 2007 AT 10:48 AM

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