1998 Chevy Venture evaporative coil

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 126,000 MILES
How do you pull the evaporative coil?
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Removal & Installation
Remove A/C-heater module. See A/C-HEATER MODULE . Remove all outer blower module seals. Remove defrost/heater valve vacuum actuator from blower module.
Remove A/C-heater module 2 upper mounting screws from temperature case. Remove A/C-heater module seal between upper and lower module. Remove evaporator core and water core filter.
To install, reverse removal procedure. Use NEW evaporator and A/C-heater module seals. Wet upper evaporator core seal to ease installation of upper module to lower module. Lightly coat all "O" rings with refrigerant oil. Tighten all bolts, nuts and screws to specification.

Removal & Installation (Front)
Disable air bag system. See AIR BAG RESTRAINT SYSTEM article in ACCESSORIES AND ELECTRICAL. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove screws attaching glove box to instrument panel. Pull toward rear of vehicle to release clips on glove box and disconnect electrical connectors to remove.
Remove instrument panel end caps. Push retainers in on fuse blocks and push fuse blocks into instrument panel. Remove left and right hush panels by removing push in clips.
Remove instrument panel accessory trim plate by removing ashtray, screws and pulling on trim plate to detach mounting clips. Disconnect electrical connectors on trim plate. Unsnap CD player trim plate and remove CD player (if equipped). Remove floor console bolts/screws, and remove front floor console. Remove instrument panel cluster trim plate by pulling on edge starting at headlight switch area. Remove 4 instrument cluster screws, disconnect electrical connector, and remove instrument cluster.
Remove SIR module from steering wheel (2 or 4 bolts or 4 spring clips). Remove steering wheel. Remove lower trim panel. Remove upper intermediate shaft coupling pinch bolt. Gain access to bolt by pushing down seal over bottom of column. Disconnect shift cable ball socket and push clips together to remove cable housing from column. Remove lower and upper steering column mounting bolts. Disconnect electrical connectors from column. Remove steering column from vehicle.
Remove two screws attaching hood release handle to instrument panel. Remove bolts/screws and disconnect electrical connectors to remove stereo. Remove A/C-heater control panel and switch bank by removing screws and disconnecting electrical connectors and vacuum harness.
Remove knee bolster. Remove headlight switch by pulling it outward to release clips, then disconnect electrical connector.
Remove upper instrument panel trim pad, disconnect security/Daytime Running Light (DRL) sensor electrical connectors. Remove bolts/screws attaching instrument panel to body. See Fig. 4 . Disconnect any remaining electrical connectors or harness clips. Remove instrument panel from vehicle.
Remove Daytime Running Light (DRL) module, located right of the steering column opening. Remove BCM (Body Control Module-may also be referred to as MALL module) and disconnect electrical connector. Remove Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) module connectors (3) and remove ABS module.
Remove defrost and extension ducts and center outlet. Remove bolts/screws from cross-car beam (hinge pillar tie bar) and remove from vehicle.
Remove oil filler extension from engine by twisting it counterclockwise. Remove cover from engine by pulling it upward. Drain engine coolant. Discharge A/C system, using approved refrigerant recovery/recycling equipment. Disconnect evaporator fitting block. Disconnect heater hoses from heater core. Remove A/C-heater module bracket bolts. Disconnect vacuum hoses and electrical connectors. Remove A/C-heater module.
To install, reverse removal procedure. Use NEW A/C-heater module seals. Lightly coat all "O" rings with refrigerant oil. Tighten all fasteners to specification.

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