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1993 Chev G20 350 van AT. 43,000mi Wipers worksometimes, when on delay they run all the time. I thought it might be the wiper control nodule, but I can't find where it is. Any help appreaciated.
D. Sowards
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have the same problem?
Wednesday, August 1st, 2007 AT 6:54 PM

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I found the module inside the motor itself on my 93 suburban. Heres a copy of a question I posted earlier with sort of the same problem. Hopefully it can help.
I have a 93 suburban, yesterday I finally fixed a problem like yours. First try this to see if your problem is the same as mine was.
Open your hood, find the windshield motor, then find the where the wires connect to the motor. For safety sake don't start the engine, but do have the ingnition turned to the pre-on position (all dash guages should be working). Next turn the windshield wipers to the low setting, then move the wires connected to the windshield motor in all directions (giggle it a little). If the wipers come on or shut off then the motor is the problem, well to be more specific the motor is probably ok, but the solder inside the motor housing where the wire connector attaches to needs to be re-sodered. I took off just four screws on the front of the motor (access plate, not the entire motor) carefully pulled out the circuit board and then cleaned up all connectors, then resodered the connectors that where loose or broken.
If your not sure which ones are loose, then just resoder the few that are closest to where the connector is.
Just be carefull not to damage the circuit bord or any prongs on it.
I also had to do this for the rear windshield wiper as well.
Was this
Friday, August 3rd, 2007 AT 10:44 PM

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