2000 Chevrolet Tahoe



April, 11, 2006 AT 9:03 PM

I have a 2000 Chevrolet Suburban with 80,000 miles. Last summer, I started hearing a humming sound coming from under the truck. It seems like when it got warmer, or the longer period of time that I drove it, the humming got louder. I asked a local repair shop and he said it was probably my fuel pump. He said I didn't need to change it right away because it could still last a long time. When I brought this question up with some friends, they informed me that Chevy trucks all have a loud humming sound coming from their fuel pumps. They said I could put in a new fuel pump and it will probably make the same sounds. Is there any truth to this?


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April, 12, 2006 AT 12:48 PM

Classic Chevrolet fuel pump hum. The 2000/01 chevrolets had a hum problem. It is an expensive repair to drop the tank and replece the pump. I tell folks to let it go until you can't stand the noise any more. Maybe about $500+ dollars will make the sound get lower. It doesn't hurt anything until the truck starts to run bad--then it's time.

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