2004 Chevrolet SSR



September, 3, 2010 AT 5:52 PM

Electrical problem
2004 Chevy SSR Automatic 9400 miles

Since purchasing my 2004 Chevy SSR in 2006, if I don't drive it for 2 days, it goes dead. Two dealerships have run diagnostic tests on it and have not found the problem. I have to keep it on a maintainer constantly when I am not driving it. It has had 2 new batteries since I purchased. During the middle of one night, while on the maintainer, the windshield wiper motor and pump turned on and burned up. I had never ever turned them on, it was past warranty so it cost around $700. I am the second owner. The first owners say they had absolutely no problems with it.


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January, 26, 2011 AT 1:47 AM

Best thing to do here is to check for a draw. Put a test light between the cable and positive post. Start pulling fuses one at a time and when the light goes out you found out which circuit is giving you the trouble. It could be the abs unit as on the pickups thesehave been known to be bad. A SSR is pretty much a Trailblazer chassis. If you have had or anyone has had something put on like an alarm system then check for wires having screws through them, etc. That may be why your wiper motor burnt up.

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