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May, 23, 2010 AT 7:35 AM

Steering problem
2006 Chevy Silverado V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 125169 miles

Hi me again just have another question. The intermediate shaft was replaced by the dealer at 40.000 miles. Since that work was done I now have a groning noise when ever I make a left turn.I've greased the front end checked the power sterring fluid and see know visable defects. Any ideas?


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May, 23, 2010 AT 1:48 PM

Hi gpipher. Welcome back to the forum. This sounds like it might be similar to a problem Dodge Neons had. In an effort to lighten the vehicle, the steering column housing no longer goes through the firewall. Instead, just the rotating steering shaft goes through a rubber seal. That seal is what was squawking. You might have to remove a protective cover, then use a hooked tool such as a cotter pin puller to pull the boot back. Spray some grease on that boot / seal where it contacts the shaft. Chrysler has a lithium-based " Spray White Lube" that works great. It is available from other manufacturers too.

Let me know if I'm off base and I'll delete this reply and let some smart people respond.




June, 2, 2010 AT 6:08 PM

Thanks for the quick reply.I talked to other techs like your self and they said the same thing. Tryed it last night and it is still groning when I turn to the left and a little to the right. All though its only been a day I wonder if it needs time. But it didn't cure it.I really don'tknow what it could be. The front end on this truck has not had any problems till now. Short of takeing it to the dealer i'm stumped



June, 3, 2010 AT 6:40 AM

Just so I'm clear, it makes this noise all the time, right? If the noise is gone when the engine is not running, that points to a noisy power steering pump. GM has had a lot of trouble with noisy pumps on cars but I haven't heard about that on trucks.




June, 3, 2010 AT 6:17 PM

Hi me again the story I got from a freind that owns a large salvage yard and has a fleet of these trucks is that it probably is the pump.I guess that narrows it down to that and that i'm going to assume that it's time to change it.I'll let you know how I make out. Thanks For all your input.



June, 7, 2010 AT 11:39 PM

Here is a service bulletin regarding the power steering pump.

Power Steering Whine Noise - keywords fluid gear hose idle pump turn - (Mar 4, 2008)

Subject: Power Steering Whine Noise

Models: 2003-2006 Cadillac Escalade, ESV, EXT

2003-2006 Chevrolet Avalanche, Suburban, Tahoe

2003-2007 Chevrolet Silverado Classic

2003-2007 GMC Sierra Classic

2003-2006 GMC Yukon, Yukon Denali, Yukon XL, Yukon XL Denali

2003-2007 Hummer H2

This PI was superseded to update models and Recommendation/Instructions. Please discard PIT4208A.

The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI.

Condition/Concern: Some owners may comment of a power steering pump whine noise. After normal diagnostics you may find the noise to be coming from the power steering pump. This whine noise is most commonly heard between idle and 2000 rpm coming from the power steering pump.

Recommendation/Instructions: GM Engineering has not evaluated this product, but reports from GM Dealers of flushing and refilling the power steering system with Valvoline SynPower Power Steering Fluid have reduced or eliminated this noise. Valvoline SynPower Power Steering Fluid is a synthetic fluid and is available at most auto parts stores in quart size containers. In most case 3 or 4 quarts will be needed to flush and fill the system.

If Valvoline SynPower Power Steering Fluid is not readily available, replace the power steering pump ordered from GMSPO only. Power steering pump improvements have been made which will help eliminate this noise and are currently available from GMSPO. Use the parts catalog to look up the correct part number for your application.



June, 8, 2010 AT 5:37 PM

Ok that helps.I had my son turn the wheel back and forth while I was under the truck and found that the sound was threw out the steering. THe idea of flushing the system makes sense I'll give it a try. Thanks I'll let you know how I make out.

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