2005 Chevy Silverado Rear view side mirror


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2005 Chevy Silverado V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 108, 00 miles

Can you please explain to me how to replace the driver side mirror glass with the heated glass and the blinker in the mirror?

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Monday, July 28th, 2008 AT 11:46 AM

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Service Information
2005 Chevrolet Chevy K Silverado - 4WD | Sierra, Silverado (VIN C/K) Service Manual | Body | Doors | Repair Instructions | Document ID: 1471069

Outside Rearview Mirror Glass Replacement (6P3)
Removal Procedure

Caution: When working with any type of glass or sheet metal with exposed or rough edges, wear approved safety glasses and gloves in order to reduce the chance of personal injury.

Notice: When servicing electrochromic glass that is broken, or if glass breaks during servicing, be cautious not to spill electrochromic fluid onto vehicle. Doing so will cause damage to the vehicle.

Adjust the mirror face fully upward in order to access the mirror retaining tab (4).
Position a flat-bladed tool between the back side of the mirror face and the mirror housing at the notch in the mirror face.
Depress the tab (4) on the back of the mirror face outward using the flat-bladed tool, while sliding the mirror face upward.
Slide the mirror face upward to release the mirror face from the mirror motor retaining tabs (1).
With the mirror face in hand, disconnect the electrical connectors (2).
Remove the mirror face from the mirror housing.
Installation Procedure

Connect the electrical connectors (2) to the back of the mirror (3).
Align the mirror motor retaining tabs (1) to the keyhole slots on the back of the mirror face.
Insert the motor retaining tabs to the keyhole slots on the mirror face.
Slide the mirror face downward until the retaining clip (4) latches.
Adjust the mirror face ensuring the mirror motor tabs are fully engaged in the keyhole slots on the back of the mirror and the retaining tab (4) is engaged.
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