1996 Chevy Silverado pinion bearing

  • V8
  • 4WD
  • 162,000 MILES
What are the correct steps and what exact tools do I need to replace a pinion bearing in a 1996 Z71 Silverado?
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Saturday, December 27th, 2008 AT 10:56 PM

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I'm no mecanic (and I can't spell) but I just rebuilt my rear end on my 97 k1500 so I might beable to help, there are two bearings on your pinion one you can get at from the out side and one on the inside, you take the back cover off and drain the fluid watch for metal shavings (mine did so I rebuilt the whole thing and cleaned the shavings out), after you have the cover off you are looking at the carrier, in the middle of the carrier there is a steel rod if you rotate the carrier you will see a small bolt that holds that in place if you loosen the bolt the rod will slide up then rotate the top of the carrier back to hold the rod in place don't jar to much the spider gears might fall out, then push your tires in and remove the C clip do that to both sides then take your axel shafts out becarful not to mess up your outer wheel seals and put them some where they won't get dirty then put rod back down and finger tighten the bolt, then there are four bolts holding the carrier on take them off and remove the two clamps holding the carrier in place (don't get these turned around L & R and take note of there position don't in stall upside down), then remove carrier might take some doing on L & R side of carrier there are shims, agian don't mix these up they are what gives you the right back lash on your ring gear to pinion they might be a.001 differance and take note which way they come off one side might be tapered, then you are looking at your pinon take the nut off the front of it where your drive shaft was then the peice that hlods your u-joint will come off with a puller then you are looking at your seal pry that off then you are looking at your outer bearing that should just come out, then what I did was screw the bolt back on alittle bit and use a rubber malet and knock the pinion out the back side, take the bolt off and there you go, the crush sleeve and inner bearing will be there, inspect all bearings (the bearing on my carrer blew, got a used rearend and the bearings were pitted so I rebuilt everthing $667.00 just in parts $1000.00 with my time, would have been cheaper to buy the $800.00 rebuilt), I used break clean to clean up inner housing and let air dry after I got all the junk out, then put new inner bearing on then crush sleeve snd slide through hole then brearing, this is the part you need a little know how, you tighten the crush sleeve down to put a load on the bearings not to little and not to much (this is where a called a friend over that has done this), then put it back together, I had mine off the truck and loosened the filler hole before I put it back in, easy but confussing, I had a shop take all 6 bearings off (some need to be pressed off and on) 3 new seals and install crush sleeve for $100.00 again i'm no mecanic, and there was no clutch disks for posi, call around in my glove box there are codes like GU4, MD5, one will tell you if it is 3.73 gears, part store will tell you good luck, and get a manual for torke specs.
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