Chevrolet S-10



April, 25, 2007 AT 9:44 PM

2001 Chevy S10 Pickup V6 4.3L extended cab 3 door rear wheel drive 85808 miles and get my oil changed every 3000 miles and scheduled maintenance

Returned from my mechanic today and I'm pretty upset. Since I was off went to get my oil changed and a pressure check of my air system since it has never been checked or at least I never asked to have it checked. They told me that I need to replace my intake manifold gaskets because it is leaking antifreeze. Thing is they just fluhed and replaced my extended life antifreeze in Feburary and they never stated there was a leaking issue. When they initially replaced the antifreeze I did smell it. I have a credit account with them and each time you make a payment, even the minimun they give you an increase. I think I'm being taken advantage of. Please help because they want $500 which is probably more reasonable the the dealer but then in Feburary I changed the antifreeze, transmission fluid and brakes all around and 4 new tires so figured that should only have to worry about oil changes and tire rotations. Requested to have the oil changed in Feburary because it was 3 months but not 3000 miles. Was told wait for the 3000 mile mark as if they planned to drop the big one on me when I came back. Thanks : cry: : cry:

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April, 26, 2007 AT 8:14 AM

The need for an intake gasket on a GM vehicle isnt much of a surprise, have done plenty of them. The intake gasket was probably a little weak and the cooling system flush pushed it too far, hardly their fault.



April, 28, 2007 AT 8:45 PM

Thank you. Assumed that my preventive maintenance would shield the truck from harm. Got it fixed today at the same shop. Missed work that day and once I got the truck started went right to the shop. So I was stessed upon arrival. Think the cost threw me into shock. At my next oil change will share your answer with them. An answer like that would have prevented a lot of awkwardness. Thank you again. Have a great weekend. : D

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