2001 Chevy S-10 fender

  • 2001 CHEVROLET S-10

2001 Chevy S-10 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Manual

how do I take off the fender in front. I know its just a bunch of bolts but I ned to know what all needs to come out to take it off?

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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 AT 11:15 PM

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Remove the grill and front bumper-3 bolts in the grill and then remove the plastic cover that is on the hood hinge. Remove 2 bolts- open door there are 2 bolts in the door hinge area remove these- under the fender, on the back side of the rocker there is 1 bolt remove it, then remove all the bolts in the wheel house closest to the fender- loosen the 2 that are back by the cowl-remove the airbox top- remove nut retaining the bottom of air box on the side the front pushes down on 2 rubber mounts, and it will come off of them with a little pressure- remove the washer solvent tank 1 bolt in top 1 hose 2 plugs- remove bolt hidden by washer tank, it's half way up radiator support- un-snap the wire loom retaining clips & the hood cable retaining clips- unhook the horn, unhook the vacuum hose to the vacuum canister at rear of fender- pry away wire couplers at rear of fender- remove the bolts holding fender to ABS assembly. They are located along the top edge by the hood bumpers. To- remove bolt on top of radiator support support hood with a prop rod place towel on cowl to protect windshield remove hood hinge bolt- let good hinge rest on the cowl-fender will come right off.

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Thursday, September 24th, 2009 AT 1:04 AM

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