2002 Chevy Prizm


Transmission problem
2002 Chevy Prizm 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 106000 miles

Greetings. My vehicle's registration was up for renewal and besides paying the annual fee, this year required a smog check (I am a CA resident). The vehicle did not pass the smog check, and further is classified as a "gross polluter." The vehicle has not had a muffler replacement, but I always have the required preventive maintenance done when the time comes.

One important question I have is that it was not necessary to drive the car for seven months; I only started the engine (usually once a month), but the car leave the parking structure from August until the smog check. Could driving the vehicle regularly affected the outcome of the smog check and its current status as a gross polluter?


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Saturday, April 18th, 2009 AT 7:38 PM

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Yes it will.

When storing a car for any length of time (30 days or more), you should pour a fuel stabilizer in the tank. Gasoline wll start to detereoriate in about a month.

It will cause varnish build up in the fuel system including injectors.

I would siphon all the gas I could out of the car and use an additive like "SeaFoam" in the tank and then fill with fresh gasoline.

Drive everyday for a couple of weeks, the refill tank and add another can of SeaFoam.

This should clean up the fuel system.

Always buy gasoline from a station that pumps a lot of gas, so they refill their tanks at least once a week.

When storing again, use a fuel stabilizer like "Stabil" in the tank to kep the gas fresh for 12 months.

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