October, 5, 2006 AT 12:29 AM

On my 1955 Belair, I unplugged the wires from the headlight switch. I believe this to be the original style switch with a small fuse on it towards the back. Photo There are seven wires, each with their own single plug, not one big plug like cars of today. Of course I didn't think to contort my head and neck to take a look under the dash before I did this thinking it would be marked with " BAT" for battery, maybe “H” for headlight and so on. To my surprise there were no markings at all, just the terminals. I have the wiring diagram for the car but I have searched the internet for two nights now trying to find an image or schematic of [i: 09a0910c64]my[/i: 09a0910c64] headlight switch showing each terminal and function. I noticed two of the terminals are “protected”, more than one terminal becomes hot when the knob is pulled to the first position (park lights), and one additional terminal becomes hot when pulled to the full on position, (headlights). I tried the local auto parts store to no avail


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June, 8, 2006 AT 9:39 PM

You may have a problem with your radiator being clogged. Take a careful look at your radiator from the outside on both sides. You may need to remove the radiator shroud or pull the radiator so that you can see both sides. It may be clogged with dirt or bugs.

You also need to take a look inside the radiator and make sure that the tubes or not clogged, preventing sufficient water flow to cool the engine.



August, 3, 2006 AT 12:36 PM

QUICK FIX! Change your radiator cap. If not pull out your radiator and flush it completely. Refil it with mostly water (unless outside temp. Prohibits it).



October, 17, 2006 AT 3:43 PM

Not sure if this will help you or not but it is for " 55" chevy cars and shows complete wiring. Maybe you can chase down what wire ends up attached to where. Www. Chevy. Tocmp. Com/chevywiring/index. Htm
This site has diagrams for 1940's on up I believe. Good luck and hope this helps. : D



December, 15, 2009 AT 5:52 PM

I don't have a schematic but you may be able to fix this yourself. It can get a little complicated. The two hot wires when you pull the switch are one for parking/tail lights and theother for dash lights. When you get the third wire that is the headlights. If youlook at the floor of your car there is adimmer switch, one wire will lead from he headlight switch and one to the headlights. They should be the same color. Same with the dash lights. So all you need do is match the wires basically. The dahs wires may split off into 5 or 6 spots but there should be one wire that leads to it. You can pull the headlight switch out to make it easier or pull the dash assembly to see better. I do have a schematic for a 67 and maybe the wires may be the same color. It's a long shot but I t may help. If you need the the 67 schematic or want further help please private message me

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